Message from the ADA President

Dear Fellow Adjuncts,
We have little if any control over the running of Dowling College, The Trustees own it and the administration and the full timers union run it. We serve at their pleasure. We do not have a seat at the table even though we are trying desperately to obtain one.
Since May 15th to July 19, I and various members of the exec board and our RA  have attended 20 meetings with the BOT, Administration, President, Provost, Legal Rep etc. There have been many more phone calls and Emails. On June 14th we requested a meeting with Dr Brown and his staff. It did not happen till July 6th.
At this meeting the main topic was the cancellation of classes. They said that a 10%  drop in enrollment made it necessary to consolidate. They reassigned the students and told the chairs to notify the professors, both full timers and adjuncts. I pointed out to them that it wasn’t done for the adjuncts. They apologized. agreed it was unprofessional and assured us it would not happen again. I asked for a list of the adjuncts and full timers who lost classes. They are compiling a list for me. Incidentally, 3 members of the executive board including me lost classes.
I wish to reiterate that I will not reply to unsigned replies on the adjunct list serve. send it over Dowling EMail or my own Email (
Russ David, President ADA
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